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Re: Wikipedia & Tor

On Tue, Sep 27, 2005 at 12:13:39PM -0400, Adam Shostack wrote:

> That changed balance doesn't come with a morality bit:  If we let
> people be anonymous, some of them will do bad things, others will do
> great things.

Totally anonymous (one-time nym) has zero prestige by definition, this 
is readily normalized into negative range by relative comparison to
prestige of more persistent nyms (as most anonymous parties are jerks). 
If the infrastructure tracks the mana trail in a distributed, tamper 
proof, unfloodable fashion the sufficiently motivated target can make 
an informed decision on which prestige cutoff he will allow interactions,
and which will be denied.

Wikipedia uses IP addresses for prestige tracking as there is no 
further identification accessible to them. Known Tor egress IPs 
have become tainted with negative mana by abuse. Probability of 
defacement coming from non-Tor address space is sufficiently lower 
for them to go the easy route to blacklist Tor.

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