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Re: confiscating middleman-tor-nodes

Exactly this happened to me, too, yesterday. I am running a dedicated host by 
Strato, providing unused bandwith for tor (nickname baphomet) which is 
configured as a exit node.

This host is unavail since 9:00 MEST yesterday. The guys at Strato gave me the 
phone number of a public prosecutor. I spoke with him, and though he wasnt 
allowed to tell me details by phone, we has some conversation. When I told 
him that I provide some bandwith for tor he knew about tor and told me that 
it is NOT FORBIDDEN in germany to do so.

He asked me if it could be possible that my server has been hacked and been 

Unfortunately I have not yet received any letter from them so I dont know 
what's the real reason. I think, two things might be: some illegal activities 
have been made through tor and unfortunately my host was exit node in the 
"right" moment.

Or, they are searching for hidden services. Perhaps there are nodes within tor 
that provide content that is unallowed in germany and they start confiscating 
all tor nodes and search for unallowed content. If so, some more of us will 
get troubles soon.

My personal opinion: I have no hidden service. I have no unallowed content at 
my host. It is allowed to run tor in germany. I will go on running a tor 
node. I tell anybody here to do so, too.

Kind Regards
Thomas Hluchnik

Am Freitag, 8. September 2006 02:57 schrieb sigi:
> Hi, 
> possibly we get a problem, because in Germany they're just confiscating 
> tor-middleman-nodes?!? 
> The message is only available in German...
> http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-496214.html
> Does anyone here have similar problems? 
> asks;
> sigi.

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