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Re: How can I know my IP address geted by the website?

--- LinDu <baidufantuan@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Maybe what I have described is not very clear.Sorry
> about that.
> "getinfo address",this command is to show my IP,but
> I want to get the exit
> node's IP while I'm using TOR.
> Trying to visit http://peertech.org/ip/ using a
> browser after setting it's
> proxy to privoxy can let me know the answer.I think
> this follows a rather
> devious course to my destination.
> My question is,is there any easier way to get the
> exit node's IP?

Run Vidalia and open "Network Map", look under
"Connection" and click on the active circuit.  Then,
in the box to the right scroll down and the last node
is your current exit node.  The exit node's info
(including IP) is listed.  This method is very easy.

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