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Re: Like to run TOR-Node

     On Fri, 14 Sep 2007 19:37:00 +0200 "TOR Admin (gpfTOR1)"
<tor-admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>I tried to run a tor node on a Strato vserver 1 year ago.
>It did not work, because the max. connections were limited to 145
>TCP-connection IN and 145 TCP-connections OUT. A TOR server needs at
>least 1024 connections. See:

     That is apparently long out of date.  I've been running tor in
server mode off and on over the past year and have never seen it use
more than 300-400 connections at once, and it was a rare situation
for the count to get even that high.  Usually the count of open
connections has been under 200, often under 100.  A hard limit of
290 connections might be a problem on the sort of high-bandwidth
server Ricky intends to run, but it seems unlikely that he would
need 1024.
>The ISP "1blu" offers a vserver, which may be used for a TOR node.
>I read a message about a running TOR node without any error on a 1blu
>vserver. It offers more traffic ;-)
>Viel Erfolg!

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