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Re: Exclude nodes from certain countries

On Sat, 15 Sep 2007 23:17:14 -0500 (CDT), Scott Bennett wrote:

>      Please read the tor documentation.  If you think you've already done
> that, please go back and read it again.  

That brings back the pain of reading it the first time :)

I must admit I gave up after first few pages. I found it was too technical
and overwhelming, even though I'm not a computer novice.

> Once you understand the functions
> of the directory authorities and the directory mirrors, take a few minutes
> to browse through the files that tor maintains on your computer.  Note
> especially the contents of the files named cached-routers and
> cached-routers.new, and also the status document files in the cached-status/
> subdirectory.  All should be clear to you after you do those basic things.
>      Note that this is a user safety issue:  one should *not* use tor
> without having gained first a minimal understanding of what tor is doing
> and what it is not doing.  Without that understanding, a user is in grave
> danger of assuming his/her anonymmity is being maintained when, in fact,
> it may not be.

Now that you pointed me to specific things to research, it's a bit easier
and it's a place to start.

Is there some sort of "in-a-nutshell" documentation without excessive
technicalities that you can recommend?