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Re: Exclude nodes from certain countries

On Sat, 15 Sep 2007 22:20:16 -0400, Ringo Kamens wrote:
> AFAIK tor connects to an entry guard which then connects to the exit
> node for you. This way, they can't take the logs from the exit node
> and go "well.. the IP in question connected to you 20 seconds before
> the alleged connection was made, so that's who it probably was". This
> should be all explained in the docs somewhere.
> Comrade Ringo Kamens

But if I click on "network map" in Vidalia I see various Exit Nodes there.
So obviously Tor knows about them.

Also, to determine if a node is an entry or exit node, Tor has to exchange
some sort of traffic with it, right? Since there is no centralized place
where Tor can get a list of all entry nodes, wouldn't it have to poll all
the nodes to determine their status?