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Re: Exclude nodes from certain countries

On Friday 14 September 2007 18:27:21 misc wrote:
> I'm using Tor on windows
> I prefer to avoid tor nodes from certain countries. I know that I can
> manually add nodes into ExcludeNodes setting in Tor Config.
> However there are over hundred different Tor nodes in one country I want to
> exclude. And they're constantly changing (news ones pop up, old ones
> disappear, etc). It's impossible to do such a task manually using
> ExcludeNodes setting.
> Didn't anybody find a better way?

TorK allows you to do this (in a rough and ready way using the geoip database 
(maxmind.com) - about 9x% accurate). TorK is available only for Linux/BSD 
unfortunately, but you could you use the Incognito LiveCD which uses TorK as 
the default Tor interface.



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