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Re: ATTN: An attack on my torrc? I did not specify a server or an exit node!!!

On Saturday 15 September 2007 20:20:32 jeffery statin wrote:
> This was in my message log today and I did not specify
> a server or an exit node (if that is what "using exit"
> refers to).  Hell, I just re-installed this Windows XP
> SP2 and just installed the Tor bundle (Tor v.,
> Vidalia v0.0.14).  I haven't even opened the torrc or
> torrc.orig.1 before I noticed this warning!

The warnings are nothing to worry about. 

> Sep 15 10:03:58.640 [Notice] We tried for 15 seconds
> to connect to '[scrubbed]' using exit 'ZoneSecurite'.
> Retrying on a new circuit.

Tor/Vidalia created this circuit automatically and chose the exit randomly.

> Sep 15 11:49:32.906 [Warning] You specified a server
> "mono" by name, but this name is not registered, so it
> could be used by any server, not just the one you
> meant. To make sure you get the same server in the
> future, refer to it by key, as
> "$B468125D79F3C03491EB95FD8126981E5348D88C".

Vidalia probably requested information from Tor for 'mono' by 'name' rather 
than 'fingerprint'. Again, this is not anything to worry about. Just the 
normal operation of your tor/vidalia bundle.

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