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Re: I break the silence: My arrest

     On Sun, 16 Sep 2007 09:06:25 -0400 "Ringo Kamens" <2600denver@xxxxxxxxx>
still didn't get it:

>I know they aren't directly related, but it could also help to involve
>*the unions* because they have a lot of power. At least in the US.
>Unfortunately I just started school and I have very little time on my
>hands so I can't directly help with this project much, even though I
>was working 10 hours a day with them before, but you should make a
>post to Binary Freedom (the discussion list). People there will
>certainly help you. They are an advocacy group for binary freedoms
>that participate in a lot of direct action and they can certainly help
>your cause. We have troops on the ground in the UK, but not sure about
>Comrade Ringo Kamens
>On 9/16/07, Scott Bennett <bennett@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>      On Sun, 16 Sep 2007 12:08:27 +0200 Thomas Hluchnik
>> <Thomas.Hluchnik@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> >Am Sonntag, 16. September 2007 07:41 schrieb Martin Senftleben:
>> >
>> >Hello,
>>      Please get with the program.  This is getting to be a real drag.  See
>> below.
>> >
>> >can you please give some more info about that? I am just thinkinking about=
>> >=20
>> >becoming member of a association and let my two tor nodes register as from=
>> >=20
>> >that association. I have the luck that my home was not yet searched by any=
>> >=20
>> >technical incompetent police, but who knows...
>> >
>> >What about the "Humanistische Union"? Do they have tor nodes? Is there anyb=
>> >ody=20
>> >of them in this thread? Would like to hear if the HU is interested of getti=
>> >mg=20
>> >members with tor nodes as entrance gift.
>> >
>> >What I definitely NOT like is giving up my help for the tor project. In tim=
>> >es=20
>> >like these modern inquisition we have to resist, but have to find ways to=20
>> >protect ourselves.
>> >
>> >
>> >> I am currently into registering an association that was founded more=20
>> >> than a hundred years ago - that is quite some work, but manageable.=20
>> >> I find the thought to found an association quite intriguing,=20
>> >> particularly for Germany, where the members of a registered=20
>> >> association (eingetragener Verein) would be protected against legal=20
>> >> prosecution. The association could act as contract partners with the=20
>> >> ISPs, and as that run Tor nodes which are managed by its members.=20
>> >>=20
>> >> BTW, one such node has just been set up which is legally registered=20
>> >> with an association in Germany and run by a previous Tor-node admin=20
>> >> who has also been harassed by the police. But I don't think they will=20
>> >> be setting up more nodes.
>>         A:      It makes it hard to follow and is thus inconsiderate.
>>                 B:      >Why not?
>>                         A>> Once again, Do NOT TOP-POST!!!

     Attention "Comrade Ringo Kamens":  Please read the above!!!

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