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Re: CN's nodes lookin' uncool, do they?

Am Montag, den 17.09.2007, 12:14 +0200 schrieb Andrew:
> Roger Dingledine wrote:
> >> The chinese routers daily raise and fall and their massive proportion of
> >> exit nodes looks like sort of 'work-day-behavior-of-the-exit-spy':
> >> https://tor.xenobite.eu:82/mrtg-torstat/torstat-routers-cn-day.png
> >
> > Here's an alternative to the conspiracy theory:

I'm not easy to get into conspiracy theories..

> > Notice that many of the China nodes have the nickname 'Unnamed'. This
> > is what you'll get if you don't set a Nickname -- for example, if you
> > click the "turn me into a server" button in Vidalia. Also, you use the
> > default exit policy when you click that button in Vidalia.

After the last embassy password spy issue (especially on some hits
against chinese officials), it was going (somewhat easily) to imagine
they got awake to turn this things around, against the bad

> > It's already been established informally through other measurements
> > that we have tens of thousands of Tor users in China. So the alternative

Okay, got that one.

> > theory is that a slightly larger (but still quite small) percentage of
> > Chinese users have chosen to click the button in Vidalia.
> Tor users, agreed. Tor servers... seems pretty unlikely to me. Why would
> our Chinese friends be more "generous" in setting up exit nodes than the
> rest of us? Honestly , it doesn't make any sense at all. Yes, it is very
> likely that we've got a much higher proportion of tor users in china
> than in, say, Old Europe - because the internet is being censored, and
> thus tor becomes even more useful; it's not just protecting your ID, but
> also giving you access to otherwise restricted content.
> But does it make sense for someone with a censored internet access to
> set up an exit node? A node, yes. Doesn't matter where the traffic is
> being routed through. But an exit node, no. Why would I confront others
> with the censorship I myself am trying to evade?
> Doesn't make much sense to me.

To pull it back a little now:

It is possible, that it is normal behavior over there. It depends on the
*quantum of users* i think. If there are much over proportional users in
opposite to *permanent running* servers (and that is definitely to
assume) and a fraction of them ist really pressing the server button (to
support that Tor thing on that specific surfing time), the look of the
graph makes sense: Users are usually going to sleep at night, permanent
servers not! ;-)

And another point is: The users attracting some exit traffic are
slightly more easily able to deny (to investigating officials) to have
visited some sites on personal intend, as they have "..just used some
software, not were going to visit those bad sites.."

> >> https://torstat.xenobite.eu/showstatistics.php
> > Nice stats pages!

Thanks. Just some stuff to discuss seriously about, not to be funny on
it. Btw: Hope this thread got not classified as 'crap'..


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