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Re: worsening performance

I want just to help you out on the time zone thing:

        Summer: UTC/GMT +2 (as we have daylight saving time)
        Winter: UTC/GMT +1

Currently GMT+2, my linux box says! ;-)

The sawtooth thing is reported often in the past. It is coupled with the
fact not beeing listed at the authority directories and therefore not
attracting node traffic anymore.

Can you verify this?

It seems to be still an issue..


Am Montag, den 17.09.2007, 09:52 -0400 schrieb Hans S.:
> this is emberassing, but time, space, speedy fingers and a slow brain seem
> to be in dissonance today
> correction #2:
> > > The time shown is gmt -2 (germany).
> > of course it must read gmt + 2
> is meant as: he time shown is gmt +1  (germany).
> again my apologies.


BlueStar88 <BlueStar88@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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