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Re: worsening performance


time is a tricky thing...
thank you for helping out with all the time mess ;)

The problem obviously still persists.

I checked the files in tordb.

cached-routers.new:   1 entry with the correct IP
cached-status/* :     5 files with 1 correct entry per file 
but in:
cached-routers:       6 different entries with $mynode 
                      with 5 different IP's, 
                      only the last one correct as of now.

This is a dial-up line, with the common change of IP's every 24 hours, 
sometimes even shorter than that, if the line collapses.

The machine reconnects immediately after each ,  Tor
 SIGHUP's with the renewed IP, and this actually worked fine. 
Especially with  v0.2.0.6-alpha the *full* connectivity was given again after about two or three hours after publishing the renewed address.

The old IP's from about the last 5 redials showing up in cached-routers 
certainly shouldn't be there anymore.

The first idea was to renew cached-routers completely, but that will not 
solve the problem as the renewed file will be in the same state.