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Re: [ANNOUNCE] Incognito CD/USB 20070824.1 released

sorry for creating such an "excitement", it wasnt my intention. i
would love to continiue this discussion on an incognito forum or
mailinglist, but i couldnt find any.

i just asked here, because i couldnt find a more appropriate place to
ask for help with incognito. for those who dont know what it is: its a
linux live cd (like knoppix) with a focus on privacy, and privacy
applications. its pre configured for the best possible anonymity (i
hope ;) )

anyway, i didnt want to take my problem to a random linux forum,
because i need help with the specific configuration of the "incognito"
cd, which i thought was best known here. since incognito is a live cd
it is also supposed to work out of the box with little or no user
interaction required to boot correctly! this irritates me even more,
because i am not aware that i have "special" hardware that requires
extra configuraton on my end. its just a one year old ati card, which
was very popular at the time.

the fglrx driver also shouldnt be the problem, because i have ubuntu
installed on a partition on my harddrive, and it works correctly
there. if you need me to supply logs or anything just tell me how, and
i will post them.