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Re: [ANNOUNCE] Incognito CD/USB 20070824.1 released

On Monday 17 September 2007, Ano Nymous wrote:
> I hope this is the right place to ask this question. If not, please
> point me to the right one!
> Im having a problem with booting the incognito cd. i am always being
> dropped to the command prompt. my video card seems to be detected
> correctly though.
> after trying "startx" the screen goes black for one second, and then i
> get this error message:
> (EE) no devices detected
> fatal server error:
> no screens found
> XIO: fatal IO error 104 (Connection reset by peer) on X server ":0.0"
> after 0 requests (0 known processed) with 0 remaining.
> it looks like its a problem with the video card driver, maybe? which
> is weird because incognito detects my video card correctly. it not
> only says that its an ati card, but it also knows the correct model
> (1900xt).
> i had the exact same problem with the previous incognito version by the
> way.
> I hope that i have included all the necessary information. if you need
> to know more, to diagnose the problem, just ask! i already tried
> googling for the error, but i couldnt find anything useful. but since
> im a linux noob, thats no suprise.

When booting and it lists that you've got an ATI card and the model, it should 
list what X video driver is going to be used. Can you tell me what that is. 
It should be "radeon", "ati" or "fglrx".

Pat Double, pat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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