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Re: New Tor routers in specific countries

On 2007-09-20 20:09 CST, Marco A. Calamari wrote:
> I periodcally check the tor network status here
> http://torstatus.blutmagie.de/network_detail.php
> This is only a snapshot, not showing the evolution in time
> (any source for this info is avalaible?) but
> I was impressed by the evolution recent in US, Germany and China.

What evolution are you referring to here?

> The german situation, considering incidents, new laws and
>  other facts can have opposite explaination, for the bad,
>  the good or both.
> The US is of difficult interpretation, but the China is
>  definitely strange.

For why there're increasing number of routers in China, Roger has a
plausible explanation, see

(the above link also contains a link to another network statistic page,
it shows history, but it's relatively new and I can't see any impressive

> Any fact or opinion worth sharing ?

Nothing else.

> Ciao.   Marco