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Torbutton 1.1.7 Released

The 1.1.7 alpha release of the security-enhanced Tor Firefox extension
is out. http://torbutton.torproject.org/dev

Changes in this version:

  * bugfix: bug 495: couple of memory leaks found and fixed by arno
  * bugfix: bug 497: uninstall exception found and fixed by arno
  * bugfix: bug 460: No more alerts should happen. But does that mean
    its fixed? Outlook not so good...
  * bugfix: bugs 461+489: verbosity+macos logging issues resolved
  * bugfix: if javascript is disabled, the hooking code no longer complains
  * misc: Update spoofed Firefox version to
  * new: "Restore Defaults" button added to the preferences window

Please report bugs at 



Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs

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