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Re: EU Censorship: "Web search for bomb recipes should be blocked"

Thus spake Dave Page (grimoire@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx):

> http://www.reuters.com/article/internetNews/idUSL1055133420070910

Hrmm. With this, and the talk of half-baked squid exit filtering,
might it be time for a CensoredExit flag (which would do something
like allow clients to avoid it for port 80 exits, or a user-defined
port list)?

I am routinely censored by China..  Last week they didn't like me
shopping for some O'Reilly books on oreilly.com about 802.11
networking and continually closed my connection... (The symptom for
this filtering is a series of "Connection: closed" privoxy messages,
which comes from the Great Firewall's RST spoofing method of

More and more these filters are going to interfere with real research
people are trying to do via Tor about human rights issues,
state-sanctioned terrorism, state-funded paramilitary, genocide past
and present, obscure technology, "criminal skills", etc. Allowing them
to hinder Tor user experience randomly is a poor property for a
censorship-resistant network to have.

The major problem I see with such a flag is that some defintions
of it may end up causing it to apply to pretty much every exit node..
Is it possible for us to draw the line somewhere? Maybe just base it
on user reporting of excessive inconvenience, with some blanket
applications for known egregiously offending countries?

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs

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