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Re: About HTTP 1.1 Cache


Side-by-side would be good.

I'm often switching my proxy settings around between port 8118 (use Privoxy+Tor) and port 8119 (use Privoxy w/o Tor). I don't like the Firefox "Tor button" plugin because it's too global. I'd like one session that I know will use Tor, and another that won't. I was considering installing Seamonkey with different proxy settings for this reason alone. It's good to be able to use the full speed of my connection, while still keeping the anonymous option open for some traffic.

I think themes may be a bit distracting too, but that depends on the theme. Having a different process name would be nice, or a little icon somewhere would be enough. Just so long as I can tell the two apart and have them be separate processes with separate configurations.


Arrakis wrote:

You could if you want to recompile. Now I'm about to release xBB, and my concern about that is if the user can't tell the
difference, visually, between Firefox and xB Browser. I can use themes
and that is a little distracting, but xB Browser is geared towards tor
novice and mid-levels. If they are advanced users, they can always edit
the head section to use a different process name rather than Firefox.exe.

Now, I *could* edit it to use something else entirely, and then you
wouldn't have the problem. Would anyone else like to be able to run
Firefox and xB Browser side-by side; and if so would you want a
different theme so you could tell them apart?


Kyle Williams wrote:
Doesn't xB Browser require me to close my existing firefox first, before it
can start?
Can I run both xB-Browser (using Tor) and my Firefox (not using Tor) at the
same time somehow?

On 9/21/07, Arrakis <arrakistor@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
We call this xB Browser.

<3 Steve

Alexander W. Janssen wrote:
The easiest solution would be just using different browser-profiles
and run them simultaneously. One for Tor, one for everything else.

Cheers, Alex.