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is my server config sane?

Want to 'play a little' with Tor for several reasons:
- I think I need hidden services (which currently won't be widely used and won't be in public directories)
I have real IP so I currently configured server as:
RelayBandwidthRate 60 Kbytes
Relay...Burst 70 KBytes
MaximumAdvertisedBandwith 20 KBytes
Default exit policy for now
(I'm on 1 Megabit(both up and down) ADSL and want to have space for other things too,both via my usage of Tor and non-Tor traffic).
Is this sane configuration?Is it possible to configure Tor so relay/exit-node will eat for example 70 KBytes/s but if there is local request-it's got a priority?

There is some traffic via exit node but sometimes there are problem that I could not reach my own hidden servers for several hours after Tor server restart, anyone know why this can be?Rendevuz descriptors must travel to all servers?

p.s.Tor r15956 on Linux i686