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Re: peculiar server "bandwidth" posted by server "mnl" and possible new type of attack


On Wed, Sep 10, 2008 at 07:16:46AM -0500, Scott Bennett wrote:
>      It appears that mnl was not actually down.  It may be experiencing
> some network connection problems.  Its operator mentioned that he had
> been unable to log into it over the weekend, but when he came in on
> Monday, it was still running.  It had also reappeared on the torstatus
> sites.
>      Anyway, mnl is back, says it has been up 33 days, and is once again
> at the very top of torstatus pages when those page entries are sorted
> into descending order by "bandwidth".  I just sent a note moments ago
> to its operator again, this time suggesting that he restart it to get
> rid of the bogus numbers.  It seems fairly likely that mnl will never
> trigger the same bug again anyway.

Here I am. Box has been rebooted with an updated tor debian package, old one was

Due to other reasons this morning it was offline and I've been unable
to mail too. I am recovering a couple of messages I sent yesterday on
this ml which have been dropped becaouse (I guess) wrote them with the
wrong From email address.

I put online the logs of the last few days:



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