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Re: quick question

On Thu, September 11, 2008 14:16, Scott Bennett wrote:
>      Can a bridge offer hidden services?
AFAIK, any Tor client can setup an hidden service, not just a router.

> If so, is there anything special to do or watch out for in setting them up?
What do you mean exactly? Are you worried about exposing a bridge ip in
order to blacklist it or are you worried about running an hidden service
in general? or both? :)

If my first sentence is correct, there should be no problem for a bridge
to run an hidden service except, obviously, for offering a service exposed
to the internet (well, a part of) so all of the golden rules about
security and proper setup applies here. With the need of an extra layer of
paranoia as it would be quite interesting if an hosted web application
will reveal your un-torified external address ;-)


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