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NoScript 1.8.1: tor integration (finally!)

Looks like the "torbutton vs noscript" war has come to an end ;-)
After pinging Maone about this issue some times ago[1] and, more
important, after the PdP incident[2][3], which probably start it all,
we've now a new "https" feature for NoScript which will enable only
scripts from trusted secure sites, it can be turned "always on", "always
off" or "When using a proxy (recommended with Tor)".

Go out and test this feature!
(and, maybe, update the FAQ[4] :-P )


[1]: http://archives.seul.org/or/talk/Aug-2008/msg00181.html
[2]: http://hackademix.net/2008/08/14/petko-was-playing-with-fire/
[3]: http://hackademix.net/2008/09/10/noscript-vs-insecure-cookies/
[4]: https://www.torproject.org/torbutton/faq.html.en

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