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Re: invitation to directory server operators

     On Sat, 13 Sep 2008 07:39:39 +0200 Gitano <0xb8968b9e9190@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Scott Bennett wrote:
>> ## The following line enables hidden service directory mirroring.
>> HidServDirectoryV2 1
>> (Or skip the comment line, and just add the second line, as you please.)
>> Then tell your tor server to reload its torrc file.  Within 24 - 25 hours
>> your server will begin operating as a tor hidden services directory server.
>> You probably won't even notice the difference in traffic loads on your tor
>> server.
>This entry doesn't work on my server (Picolo) even though the flag
>'Directory (v2)' is set. Are there any dependencies, for example minimum

     Why do you believe it doesn't work?

     Not that I am aware of.  There is, however, the requirement that your
server be up for at least 24 hours before the authorities will list a new
HSDir server with the HSDir flag set in the consensus and status documents.
If it hasn't been that long yet, please give it enough time.

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