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Re: invitation to directory server operators

     On: Sat, 13 Sep 2008 09:01:34 +0200 Gitano <0xb8968b9e9190@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Scott Bennett wrote:
>>> This entry doesn't work on my server (Picolo) even though the flag
>>> 'Directory (v2)' is set.
>>      Why do you believe it doesn't work?
>My server is not listed as a HSDir server.
>> There is, however, the requirement that your
>> server be up for at least 24 hours before the authorities will list a new
>> HSDir server with the HSDir flag set in the consensus and status documents.
>> If it hasn't been that long yet, please give it enough time.
>Ok - so a server, getting a new IP every 24 hours (ADSL), will never
>become a HSDir server?
     Probably not.  And even if it did, it would have to be something requiring
exactly the right timing.  And then it would all go to waste a short time
later when your system got disconnected and readdressed again.
     It is now nearly a month since I dumped an ISP that had proven to be
nearly unusable by mid April.  But the first complaint that I had was that
they forced a disconnection of the PPPoE session *at least* every 24 hours,
usually assigning a different IP address.  That meant any login sessions I
had open to other locations got broken without notification to either end,
and all open tor connections got broken without warning or notification to
either end (i.e., all TCP connections to anywhere else).  The ISP's employees
insisted that that was by deliberate design and intent, a totally intolerable
approach to customer service.  Unfortunately, I had signed a one-year
contract without having been informed that there would be one or more outages
each and every day of that contract.
     The new ISP is cheaper for the first six months, then somewhat more
expensive than the old ISP.  But, although there appear to be a few lingering
signal quality issues that cause trouble only very infrequently, the stress
and irritation of bad service is mostly gone.  The new ISP also is giving me
higher data rates than I had before, which is great.  Also, it appears that
even when the signal is lost or erratic enough to cause the modem to reset
itself and then reconnect, it seems to get the same IP address every time, so
there may be a pause of 60 - 75 seconds or so, but then everything seems to
resume with few, if any, broken connections.
     If you can find an ISP that doesn't force a disconnection and reconnection
every day, life will be much less unpleasant.

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