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(micro)payments for anonymous routing in Tor?

What did people think of this paper?

The basic idea is a scheme for micropayments between relays in the Tor
network that does not create any new attacks on anonymity than already
exist against Tor.  Obviously we wouldn't want a network that forced
people to pay to use it, but maybe if relays gave slightly higher
priority to payed traffic, it would be an incentive for more people to
run relays?  (running a relay would earn you faster service from other
relays, basically)

Another objection is that there are legal difficulties when someone
starts getting paid to relay traffic.  Maybe if users had the option
to donate their "earnings" to a charity of their choice if they
couldn't or didn't want to accept payments, that would alleviate some
of those problems?

What are some other objections?  Would people be opposed to seeing
something like this in Tor?

Josh Albrecht