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Re: (micro)payments for anonymous routing in Tor?

Interesting ideas but a few thoughts come to mind that don't look adequately answered in the paper (that I've read so far):

* payments turn it into a service with an expected outcome.  Assumably (among others) that is 1) your anonymity is maintained and 2) your payment is completed successfully.  What happens _when_ something goes wrong? As of now, the first thing that Tor says is "This is experimental software. Do not rely on it for strong anonymity. " It would have to add, "Do not rely on this to successfully route your financial transactions" and while the first is a warning most can accept, the second may really scare us.

* Mr. Anticapitalism says, "money corrupts!" This could be worked on but I just imagine server admins taking advantage of the venture.

- Roc Tor Admin