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Re: Why you need balls of steel to operate a Tor exit node

On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 05:04:13AM -0400, grarpamp@xxxxxxxxx wrote 0.3K bytes in 7 lines about:
: Posting actual complaints received, what you sent back, the results, etc.
: I don't see any reason not to post them.
: Anonymized/summarized as needed of course if you care about that.
: Operators and potential operators need to review these sorts of
: things to make their own decisions.

In general, these sorts of stories are the exception, not the norm.  I
ran an exit-node, and still do, for over 5 years.  I've had my share of
abuse complaints and dmca threat letters, but a simple response has
taken care of all that.  Posting the default Tor exit notice has stopped
all complaints lately;

Everyone remembers, and over-values, the exceptions.  Few focus on the
billions of bits served without an issue.  "Tor Exit Node operates
without issue!" doesn't make for headlines apparently.

We talk to law enforcement around the world to let them know what Tor
is, that they can also use it and get better anonymity online, what to
expect when encountering a tor exit node in their cases, and that we're
going to both answer their questions and help exit node operators caught
up in their cases.

Having law enforcement understand what Tor is beforehand may be the
difference between meeting a SWAT team at 4 am and getting a polite knock
on the door with some well-dressed officers asking some questions such
as, "We think your computer was involved in something illegal. What can
you tell us about it?"

Andrew Lewman
The Tor Project
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