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firefox 2 question

     I've been using firefox because of the problems with firefox 3
that Mike Perry described here long ago w.r.t. torbutton.  Yesterday's FreeBSD
ports updates included the following note in /usr/ports/UPDATING.

  AFFECTS: users of www/epiphany, x11/yelp, graphics/librsvg2,
           x11/toolkits/py-gnome-extras, and www/epiphany-extensions
  AUTHOR: gnome@xxxxxxxxxxx

  The default Gecko provider has been changed from www/firefox to
  www/libxul.  Firefox 2.x is now forbidden for security reasons, and
  libxul is the new, stable Gecko provider.  Libxul uses the same Gecko
  engine as Firefox 3.0.x.

   [remainder of note is irrelevant here  --SB]

     What I'd like to know is whether the previously described deficiencies
in firefox 3 have since been rectified.  I.e., is it now safe for a tor user
to switch to firefox 3?  I can prevent the ports tools from deleting the
version of firefox 2 that I've been using (I think) if necessary, but if
firefox 3 has been fixed, then I'll just upgrade instead.

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