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Re: Hidden service usage

     On Mon, 21 Sep 2009 06:54:22 +0200 leandro noferini
<lnoferin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>I  would  like  to control  the  usage  (the  amount of  connections  or
>something like) to a hidden service I have.
>In the man page ( version) I found these directives:
>	AuthoritativeDirectory 0|1
>		When  this option  is  set  to 1,  Tor  operates as  an
>		authoritative directory server.  Instead of caching the
>		directory, it  generates its own list  of good servers,
>		signs it,  and sends that  to the clients.   Unless the
>		clients already have you listed as a trusted directory,
>		you probably  do not want  to set this  option.  Please
>		coordinate     with     the     other     admins     at
>		tor-ops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx  if  you think  you  should be  a
>		directory.
>	HSAuthoritativeDir 0|1
>		When    this   option   is    set   in    addition   to
>		AuthoritativeDirectory,  Tor  also  accepts and  serves
>		hidden service descriptors. (Default: 0)
>	HSAuthorityRecordStats 0|1
>		When    this   option   is    set   in    addition   to
>		HSAuthoritativeDir, Tor periodically (every 15 minutes)
>		writes statistics about hidden  service usage to a file
>		hsusage  in its data directory. (Default: 0)
>	DataDirectory/hsusage
>		Used to  track hidden service  usage in terms  of fetch
>		and   publish   requests   to   this   hidden   service
>		authoritative  directory. Only  used when  recording of
>		statistics is enabled.
>As I can  understand I need to enable all to  have something, right? The

     To have what?

>first option is not only for directory servers?

     Unless the tor developers have arranged with you for you to operate
a directory authority of some kind, you will not use any of the above options.
Other people would only have need to set those options in a laboratory
situation in which they were setting up their own internal tor network.  Do
NOT play with those options on tor relays running in the real-world tor
>And also, what kind of information I will have?
     Please be more explicit about what you wish to do.

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