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Hidden service usage

Ciao a tutti,

I  would  like  to control  the  usage  (the  amount of  connections  or
something like) to a hidden service I have.

In the man page ( version) I found these directives:

	AuthoritativeDirectory 0|1
		When  this option  is  set  to 1,  Tor  operates as  an
		authoritative directory server.  Instead of caching the
		directory, it  generates its own list  of good servers,
		signs it,  and sends that  to the clients.   Unless the
		clients already have you listed as a trusted directory,
		you probably  do not want  to set this  option.  Please
		coordinate     with     the     other     admins     at
		tor-ops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx  if  you think  you  should be  a

	HSAuthoritativeDir 0|1
		When    this   option   is    set   in    addition   to
		AuthoritativeDirectory,  Tor  also  accepts and  serves
		hidden service descriptors. (Default: 0)

	HSAuthorityRecordStats 0|1
		When    this   option   is    set   in    addition   to
		HSAuthoritativeDir, Tor periodically (every 15 minutes)
		writes statistics about hidden  service usage to a file
		hsusage  in its data directory. (Default: 0)

		Used to  track hidden service  usage in terms  of fetch
		and   publish   requests   to   this   hidden   service
		authoritative  directory. Only  used when  recording of
		statistics is enabled.

As I can  understand I need to enable all to  have something, right? The
first option is not only for directory servers?

And also, what kind of information I will have?


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