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Re: Hidden service usage

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On 09/21/2009 06:54 AM, leandro noferini wrote:
> Ciao a tutti,
> I  would  like  to control  the  usage  (the  amount of  connections  or
> something like) to a hidden service I have.
> In the man page ( version) I found these directives:

No, these config options won't help you in finding out what usage _your_
hidden service sees. The option

> 	AuthoritativeDirectory 0|1

is only used by around ten relays that act as directory authorities; and

> 	HSAuthoritativeDir 0|1
> 	HSAuthorityRecordStats 0|1
> 	DataDirectory/hsusage

are only useful on three of these directory authorities that store (the
old version of) hidden service descriptors.

> As I can  understand I need to enable all to  have something, right? The
> first option is not only for directory servers?
> And also, what kind of information I will have?

So, these options won't help you. You shouldn't enable them, or your Tor
will behave funny.

Can you instead learn the number of connections to your hidden service
from your webserver (or whatever kind of server that is)? Your local Tor
opens a new connection for every incoming request to your hidden
service. Maybe you can count those connections?

- --Karsten

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