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Re: Tor server "nami" taken by the German Police

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Hi Tristan,

On 09/29/2009 09:12 PM, Tristan Helmich wrote:
> just was informed by my Dad that the police is searching our Family
> House. They took the machine running Tor exit node called "nami". Expect
> it to be down for quite some time.
> I do not know the details yet but will keep you informed.

Sorry to hear! :(

You might want to have a confirmation for the police or your lawyer that
your IP address was a Tor relay at the incident time. That doesn't
automatically prove that you couldn't have performed what you're accused
of. But it could as well have been an anonymous Tor user.

We have the descriptor archives from the past few years available here:


Also, I wrote a small Java application that parses these archives and
tells you whether a given IP address was a relay and permitted exiting
to a given target at a given time. See the script and the HOWTO here:


If you like, feel free to download the script and relevant descriptor
archives to show that your IP address was a relay back then. If you are
running into technical problems or need another confirmation, please let
me know.

If others have feedback to the script, please let me know, too! The plan
is to make this script as user-friendly as possible and make a web-based
version of it afterwards.

- --Karsten

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