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Re: private vs. public tor network ... any other options ?

> On the other hand, I do control a fair amount of infrastructure and
> bandwidth in multiple locations ... so it's very tempting to leverage those
> resources in a way that gives me tor-like anonymity, but without the
> (sometimes terrible) speed and latency.

Trouble is -- you don't have a way of reserving part of the throughput
to yourself.  The whole point of tor is that exit and middleman nodes
don't know which flows belong to which user, and hence reserving
resources to a given user is not doable.

If you're mostly accessing a small set of servers, you could restrict
your exit policies to those particular IPs; this way, you'd only be
sharing resources with those users that are also accessing those
servers.  Similarly, if you're only using rare ports (e.g. 22), then you
could set up your exit policies to only allow those ports.

I doubt, however, that this will help much.  The proper solution is to
improve the tor network, in particular to implement fair sharing of
bandwidth between flows, prioritisation of interactive traffic, and
especially IPv6 support (so that hosts behind NATs can accept incoming
connections from other tor nodes with no special tricks).

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