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Re: Why you need balls of steel to operate a Tor exit node

On Wed, Sep 09, 2009 at 05:08:58PM -0400, Ted Smith wrote:
:There's a lot of FUD thrown around about how "you need balls of steel to
:operate a Tor exit node",

I'll throw in my anecdotal $0.02

When I was running an exit I had two semi serious incidents.  One was
a phone call from a sherif's office in South Carolina somewhere
investigating financial fraud of some sort, the other I don't know th
edetails of except that the system needed to be "perserved for
evidence" for some period, basicly someone else needed to take my disk
and put it on a shelf though I got an image of it to keep running.

Mind this system was on a fairly prestigious University and I work in
th esystems and network admin group for this network, had I been
running the same level of traffic through a private connection I don't
doubt the response would have been different.

The thing that finally took it down though was stupid.  We have a
published "emergency contact" number for network operations and after
hours it pages the on call people.  Once idiots started waking up my
coworkes, well it was middle man time.


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