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Re: Why you need balls of steel to operate a Tor exit node

I've worked in large internet orgs. We would get 'preservation
requests' all the time. No one was aware of any law forcing them
to honor requests, and there was no subpoena/order delivered as
part of the request. It was basically LEO's, websites and users
mailing/calling and saying, hey, what do you have for this date/IP,
hang on to it for us till we get something formal sent your way.
Management felt they had to play along before receiving that and
would tell the admins to go fetch. Thankfully data wasn't released
without order...  other places did release it.

If you're in a corp or edu with spare bandwidth, you really are in
a great position to operate under that entity 'shield'. Especially
if your mission is research, networking, outreach and such and the
node plays into the other things the org does.

Pagers and people who carry them, lol, that'll do it every time :)