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Re: Why you need balls of steel to operate a Tor exit node

--- On Wed, 9/9/09, Eugen Leitl <eugen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> http://calumog.wordpress.com/2009/03/18/why-you-need-balls-of-steel-to-operate-a-tor-exit-node/

Perhaps this should be reason enough TO run a tor node?  Not for Burma/Iran... but for those of us in the "first world" who are threatened by police states ourselves?  It sometimes takes an unfortunate rude awakening to realize this, but unfortunately there are no real limits to the police in any country.

I for one no longer subscribe to the "smoke/fire" theory when I see the police question or even arrest someone, or worse, the papers reporting a crime.  When I see someone resist arrest, I cannot help but wonder "What did the police officer do that is so unjust, because he (or more likely an unjust law) must likely have done something to provoke a person to resist arrest despite obvious overwhelming force!?"  

I fear that if they someday come to take my computer, or much worse, my children, that I might be easily driven mad, the knowledge of my  innocence will provide no comfort.  But I will not be stopped by this fear.  I run an exit node to support those who share this fear and who do not want to simply pretend that the authorities "know what they are doing" or that "they have good reason", because I unfortunately already know better from first hand experience.  

Run a node for yourself, for the society you live in (it needs it), not just for those far off in "oppressive regimes".  There is plenty of oppression to go around locally.  If they come for you, remember what it feels like to be innocent (assuming that you are); remember that when they come for your neighbor (don't assume innocence or guilt, but consider both), and consider lending your neighbor a helping or comforting hand,