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Re: Some misc. exit node questions ...

--- On Fri, 9/25/09, John Case <case@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> First, am I to understand that this list is referring
> specifically to ISPs that allow exit nodes ? 
> Presumably a relay node is not deteted and your ISP does not
> care ...

Entry, middle, and exit nodes all (currently) need to listen on external open ports.  This is "detectable" since they will likely appear the same to your ISP.  An exit node is no more "detectable" than the other node types, it simply has the unlikely potential to attract problems from external sources to your ISP (I have been running a small one for several years without any attention).

> Second, what is the bandwidth (a)symmetry of an exit node
> ?  As it is an _exit_ node, I am assuming that a very
> large ratio of the traffic is outbound traffic. 

Again, all of the node type are similar, they are likely to have VERY symmetric traffic needs.  They are all relays, routers if you will.  A router does nothing but forward packets.  Packets come in, and go out.  Except for protocol overhead, the in & out packets should be matched.

> Finally, any comments on running an exit node for only
> ports 22,80,443 ? These are the only ports I ever use, and
> the absence of port 25 and 6667 certainly removes a large
> amount of abuse ... if I throw a lot of bandwidth at exit
> nodes doing only those three ports, will that be a
> noticeable boost to the Tor network, or do people need more
> flexibility than that ?

I can't speak for other's needs, but I suspect that any contribution is welcomed.  Thanks,


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