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Some misc. exit node questions ...

First, am I to understand that this list is referring specifically to ISPs that allow exit nodes ? Presumably a relay node is not deteted and your ISP does not care ...


One problem with this list, however, is that it deals mostly with residential, end-user Internet connectivity, while I would think that IP transit service, or co-located service (or even VPS) would be much more useful to the Tor network.

Other than the reasonably good notes on rackspace, are there any other exit-node-friendly providers that are providing something more than a home cable/dsl connection ? I wonder specifically about he.net, as I consider their ipv6 tunneling, and the running of the lightning.net irc server as very clueful and abuse-tolerant activities...

Second, what is the bandwidth (a)symmetry of an exit node ? As it is an _exit_ node, I am assuming that a very large ratio of the traffic is outbound traffic. However, I understand that just because a node is an exit node does not mean it cannot be chosen at any given time as either an entry node or a relay node, and therefore the traffic should become more symmetric. So, if I run a fairly stock/standard exit node configuration, what percentage of my traffic will be outbound ?

Finally, any comments on running an exit node for only ports 22,80,443 ? These are the only ports I ever use, and the absence of port 25 and 6667 certainly removes a large amount of abuse ... if I throw a lot of bandwidth at exit nodes doing only those three ports, will that be a noticeable boost to the Tor network, or do people need more flexibility than that ?

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