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Re: Tor server "nami" taken by the German Police

On Wed, 30 Sep 2009, tor@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

For residential IPs it is not possible to distinguish a tor node from a
person. Only recently I was thinking that German police probably learned
from their first raid. Now this is coming along, but again, they
couldn't know it was a tor node until they visited the friendly bloke.
Would be interesting to know if any colo machines have been affected
again after the 2007 incident.

I would also very much like to know this.

In addition, I would be very interested in knowing who authorities are eventually passed through to in a colo/datacenter scenario.

If a full service datacenter gives a multi-rack ISP a /24 or /22, and then that ISP sells a half rack to a VPS provider who sells a VPS to an end user who then runs an exit node ... does a police contact ever even make it to the end user ?

Finally, what generalizations can be made about the behaviors that eventually lead to a police interaction ? Is it a website on the public Internet that is either taken over, or run from day one as a sting, and they collect the IPs that connect ? Is it news postings that appear to come from a particular IP ? I don't see a raid coming as the result of a hidden service - where would an IP come from to point to that ?
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