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Re: Tor server "nami" taken by the German Police

On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 04:06:35PM -0400, grarpamp wrote:
> > > They took the machine running Tor exit node called "nami".

> Actually, I think people will be just fine if their systems are
> free/encrypted of 'interesting' content, and they didn't provably do
> things via that Tor client at the same time and so on. Laws and
> systems may be crazy, but if someone's good overall they'll win out.
> It may just take some time and talking and educating the judicial types.
> And certainly the CCC might give good tips and pointers to legal advisors.
> As always, speak with counsel first, if available.
> Be strong, be cool, no need to panic, life happens :)

> You could even put a sign on the node that says 'I'm the box you want,
> take me'. Might save some ransacking of your datacenter :)

I'm wondering if people running on residential lines are more likely to 
be subjected to such things. I'm running my node inside a virtual 
machine on my dedicated server with its own IP address. Hence I have 
also set up reverse dns for the IP address. Anyone probing that IP will 
immediately see that it is a tor-proxy and quite likely not worth the 
effort. Of course everyone could just claim that, but it is quick and 
easy to verify that.

For residential IPs it is not possible to distinguish a tor node from a 
person. Only recently I was thinking that German police probably learned 
from their first raid. Now this is coming along, but again, they 
couldn't know it was a tor node until they visited the friendly bloke. 
Would be interesting to know if any colo machines have been affected 
again after the 2007 incident.


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