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Re: Planning to build private network


I've fielded questions regarding using the public Tor for bulk data
transfer, backups, distributed file stores and the like. But it always
proves hard for me to resolve the impact in order to say go one way or
the other.
If they make a private Tor network, growth will be very slow because
there are not enough nodes to ensure anonymity. If they use public
Tor, it might get hammered. And it seems the long term survival of
using either pub/priv for this depend on whether users both felt anon
enough to give bandwidth and have enough bandwidth and the ethic to
give it. If they do, the math works out ok. If not, the net tanks.

And then there is the problem of authority servers.
It would be nice if Tor had an automated election system where that
function would roam about inside the Tor network itself as a self
sustaining agent. Because right now, I think one could cut them off
the net and take Tor with it.