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Re: private vs. public tor network ... any other options ?

>  Is there a middle ground ?  Is it possible for me to simultaneously
> contribute network resources to the public Tor network, allowing me to blend
> in like every other Tor user, yet at the same time somehow leveraging the
> specific resources I control to achieve faster speeds for my own use ?

You could build circuits through your own nodes and map destinations
to exits. However I don't know how to reserve x portion of their
bandwidth for yourself.
Nor would using them in this way seem to be smart if these paths
through your nodes are more likely to be monitored than the rest of
the Tornet.

It would be an interesting experiment if everyone on the list
coordinated all of a sudden one day, for x number of hours needed
[6/12/18/24/etc]. to turn up everything they can as non-exit / exit
relays and feed them all the bandwith they can muster... to see where
the demand / supply cap is... if some of the always pegged nodes begin
experiencing sustained relief. On a quarterly basis even.
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