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Re: private vs. public tor network ... any other options ?


On Thu, 24 Sep 2009, Flamsmark wrote:

If you limit yourself to a small set of nodes, you
will definitely compromise your anonymity against a powerful attacker. But

What would you (loosely) define as a small set of nodes vs. a large set of nodes ?

Note that trying to take advantage of your own resources inevitably limits
your anonymity potential. Customizing your network also means that you won't
benefit as much, or at all, from upgrades to Tor. However, if all you want
is casually anonymous browsing at high speed, this may be useful to you.
Nonetheless, I make no guarantees that the system you set up will be
sufficiently anonymous for you.

Thanks. That's probably a deep truth about any kind of subversion/duplicity/anonymity ...
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