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Re: gratuitous change blocks upgrade to :-(

 On 9/10/2010 5:29 AM, Scott Bennett wrote:

Even if an editor were available that could handle line lengths
great enough to allow placement of each entire list onto a single line in

I'm still in astonishment, wondering how I can actually exclude the
nodes that should be excluded.

I'm not really sure I'm seeing what the problem is. You mentioned ~170 nodes; a quick copy and paste of 200 40-bit fingerprints yields an 8400-character line (including $s and commas), which is easily handled by Nano on my Linux machine and Notepad++ on my Windows box. I'm sure Pico under OSX would work just as well.

I can see why you would be upset that your comments are rendered useless, and that your nicely-formatted torrc is now has to be a bit uglier, but your overall goal shouldn't be affected: just plop them all on one line and you'll at least get the functionality you've been shooting for.


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