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Re: Privoxy doesn't start on booting

James Brown wrote:
OS - Ubuntu 9.10 on a laptop
Privoxy version 3.0.13
Tor version

I have installed tor and privoxy and now I have the next problem.
When I boot my system privoxy does not start as daemon and I need to
start it manually (/etc/init.d/privoxy start).
I have files with privoxy skripts in my /etc/rc1.d - /etc/rc5.d (named
K20privoxy), I can see through sysv-rc-conf that it must start on 1
level but it doesn't.

I am not sure how startd (what Ubuntu uses for process 1) might interact with this, but on traditional SysV systems, the services you want to run in a particular runlevel should start with "S" (for start) rather than than "K" (for kill = stop).

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