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[tor-talk] Shewstring v1.0.3 release

Hi everyone,

I have just released Shewstring v1.0.3:

Here are the major changes:

* Increased partition sizes, because they were pretty close to the
* GnuPG/GPA has been moved to its own user. Before it used the same
user as Sylpheed, but now the permissions problem has been fixed.
* Firefox should now recognize MIMEtypes that are openable by Abiword,
Evince, and VLC.
* Added a new user script scripts/maintenance.sh, which will maintain
and update the installation. It is only partially completed, however
(does not yet update ports, ExcludeExitNodes, or I2P). This fixed a
nasty problem where Freenet would eventually stop working, due to their
policy of blocking nodes with old versions from accessing the network.
* Use portsnap instead of ports tarballs. Advantages: nobody has to
deal with ports tarballs anymore; more secure method of getting ports
skeleton than tarballs. Disadvantages: devs can no longer ensure that
users are getting a specific tested version of software, which can lead
to problems with broken ports and software behavior changes.
* Misc. bugfixes, tweaks and updates.

You can find the release, and more information, on my blog:



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