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Re: [tor-talk] TBB 2.2.32 & Automatic Updates

* Julian Yon <julian@xxxxxxxxxx> [2011:09:05 11:52 +0100]: 
> On the subject of surprises, has anyone else twigged that the "Firefox
> sync" feature isn't disabled? Nice way to get decloaked in one simple click.

I'm learning about sync now. Is it really so simple to get decloaked in one
simple click? The website says you have to sign up for an account, which I
imagine you also then have to log into deliberately before syncing.

If it's that easy I agree it should be disabled, but if it's not, I can imagine
people wanting to use it (which is, of course, not the deciding factor but
still something to consider). I'm going to read about it more, but if you have
any more information you think I (or other Tor devs) should read, please pass
it on.


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