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Re: [tor-talk] Posting on BBS with the TBB

bao song writes:

> I use Tor to post on several BBS, but lately, I was getting blocked on one of them.
> The problem turned out to be HTTPS Everywhere. Most of the site supports HTTPS, but not the bit with the BBS, and HTTPS Everywhere was logging me off whenever I tried to post.
> So I disabled HTTPS Everywhere for that site, and now I can post again.

When people run into problems like this, it would be great if you could
tell the site operator (so they can fix their broken HTTPS support) or
the HTTPS Everywhere developers (so we can take the rule out of HTTPS
Everywhere).  We have rules for over 1100 sites in the development
version and we don't use most of those sites ourselves, so we're very
reliant on reports from other people to help find these problems.

Sometimes, part of a site works properly in HTTPS and part doesn't, but
perhaps the person who originally created the HTTPS Everywhere rule
didn't discover the problematic parts.  Of course, the very best solution
would be for the sites to fix the compatibility issues because they want
people to be accessing the sites securely!

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