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[tor-talk] question about socks 4, 5

was playing w/ latest TBB & seeing how other apps (like email - Tbird, or other apps) behaved, just to experiment.

1) Question about changes in proxy settings of late(er) TBB (Aurora - FF 6) use. Notice that ONLY things filled in on network > settings page is:
- Manual Proxy Config is checked,

- under SOCKS host, is used, and PORT 9050 used.
- SOCKS 5 is checked.

Obviously, changes from past Tor. I saw msgs in TBB / Vidalia log (which unfortunately, I didn't figure out how to save - it's gone once TBB shuts down), to effect of (pardon my poor memory): "An (or some) applic. is trying to do.... on SOCKS 5... which ~ may compromise anonymity... "Consider using SOCKS 4 instead, ... or use Polipo (Privoxy?)"

Question isn't about ONE app, but in general. If trying to torrify other apps, how do you know (now) WHICH settings to use in connection settings for that app(s)? HTTP, SSL, SOCKS 4 / 5? Or some combo of one or more of these settings & which Proxy or Port for each?

By that, mean by CURRENT ways that Tor / TBB work, not outdated help / FAQ articles (sorry). Some help files & articles are out of date & no longer apply for some settings. Could be wrong, but don't think instructions on https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/TorifyHOWTO/EMail have changed in * long * time.

Have to say, Tbird instructions on above link could be a * LOT * clearer. I'm a technical person (not a coder) & have a hard time following it all. Definitely not written for avg users:

    Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird has native SOCKS5...

    3proxy as a POP3 proxy

First, you need to configure and start 3proxy as a pop3 proxy with redirection to tor. Create a configuration file (plain text) like this:
# put 3proxy in background mode. For Windows replace with "service"
I'm sorry, but don't really follow all the article & don't know when it was updated - no date!!!

Haven't gotten around to trying to install both latest TBB AND Tor bundle or run * at same time, * on diff ports - but need to. Life doesn't stop because TBB is open. There could be times when I'd really like to run other apps thru Tor WHILE running TBB.

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