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Re: [tor-talk] Idiotical abuses against Tor-servers

Am 22.09.2011 12:01, schrieb morphium:
> Just for your information: We at torservers.net are getting several of
> this reports per day (about 10-20), we tried to explain what Tor is,
> how they could recognize Tor traffic and that we could, if they want
> it, exclude their IPs from our Exit Nodes.
> They didn't reply to that.

I suppose these complaint reports are generated by software

> A few weeks afterwards we asked, wether they could stop their reports
> for our IPs, they just replied "[We] think the TOR activity from your
> network is highly suspicious and you should do something about it."
> Since that, we're ignoring their reports, and nothing more has happened.

in general I ignore all auto generated abuse mails. If the mail appears
to be written by a human being I answer.

regards Olaf
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